It’s a funny thing, the way love grows when your family gets bigger by a person… or two. Actually, that second person tips “funny” into the realm of crazy, uncontrollable madness. But, in a good way, of course. Sometimes. Yeah.

Yet, here we are, a year later and it’s still amazing to think about how much things have grown, let alone how much THEY have grown. All those newsletters we signed up for when Hillari was pregnant – you know the ones: “your baby is the size of a kumquat!” and stuff like that. Except, the word “baby” is gone, replaced by “toddler.” That was quick.

The way this whole thing grows is what is most amazing to me. Love in the family doesn’t grow up, or grow old, or grow closer. This is a love that grows out; stretching wider, lifting higher, binding deeper. It makes the days of a family of four seem simply incomplete, like a lovely waypoint on the path to the complete picture.

Having twins makes you appreciate routines in all things. A schedule to stick to and a list to get through. It also makes you amenable to chuck all that crap at the drop of a hat to make do with whatever you can pull together because someone is crying and the other person is hyper for some reason and all I want to do is sleep for another five minutes and I’m sorry you were saying…?

In all seriousness, it’s a wonderful thing, this. Being dad to four little people who just want to make you smile. And they all do, in their own beautiful little ways.

I’ve used the analogy before of the rings in a tree growing like the love in our family, and I think it holds true. It’s one way to take a measure, but you look at what else goes along with those rings and you can get a sense of the true growth they represent. Taller branches. Deeper roots. A stronger core, indeed.